Thousands of smiles, hugs and thank you cards tell us we are making a difference and motivate us to want to do more.  We have embarked on a new capital campaign to raise funds to purchase a Code Read Bookmobile. This is a unique campaign because while there are a few library bookmobiles in southern California, we are unaware of any bookmobiles that offer low income youth free books for ownership.  The thought of pulling up to a foster care event or a family housing complex in our Bookmobile and watching children run to get free books, like it’s the ice-cream truck, is so exciting.

Code Read plans to purchase a Canoo Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle for our Bookmobile. Electric, eco-friendly, and highly customizable, we hope that the Canoo MPDV will provide the ice-cream truck experience that kids deserve to have! Learn more about the Canoo MPDV here.​

Research has shown that increasing access to books and giving children the opportunity to chose what they read boosts literacy levels, bridges the gap between privileged youth and low income youth,  and improves attitudes toward reading and learning.

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We wouldn't be able to do what we do without your support! We would like to thank some of the organizations that have supported our journey to close the literacy gap!

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While we certainly appreciate the offer to donate slightly used books to Code Read, we can only accept new books. All of the books we donate are brand new. For many of the youth we serve, these are the first new books they own. Due to our partnership with First Book and Scholastic, Code Read is able to purchase new books at a fraction of the retail price. Donations to our PayPal Giving Fund are greatly appreciated. No amount is too small. Thank you.

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Code Read provides brand new books to low-income communities. A donation of only $4.00 allows us to provide two new books, a book bag, and a bookmark for a child!

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